NDeRC Graduate Fellows: During February we have a number of opportunities to judge science fairs and to staff exhibits at Science Alive! Cohort 1 Fellows please sign-up for at least one or two if possible. Cohort 2 & 3 Fellows you are welcome to sign-up too. Descriptions of the events appear below the table. I've entered Jessica and Francis' names where they have already indicated their intention to help.

NDeRC Lead Teachers and Educators: Please consider assisting with an exhibit at Science Alive! on Saturday, Feb 4. See the table below and the description of Science Alive! that appears at the link just below the table.

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Science Alive!
St. Joseph County Public Library (Main Branch)
Saturday, Feb 4
9am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4pm
ASTRO, NANO, BioEYES and Particle Physics Exhibits
Aprell (AM or PM)
Karen (AM)
Jessica (AM)
Jamie (PM)
(AM & PM)
Natalie and Becky (NANO; AM & PM)

Science Fair Judging
Discovery Middle School
Tuesday, Feb 7


Science Fair Judging
Heritage Intermediate School
Saturday, Feb 11
Approx. 9am-12noon


Judging Research Class Poster Presentations
Marian High School - Room 101
Thursday, Feb 16
1:45pm - 5pm

Val 1:45 -4pm

Science Alive! (Please sign-up in table above and in the table that appears on the wiki page linked immediately below.)

See the details about Science Alive! at: http://events.michianastem.org/Science+Alive!+2012

Discovery Middle School (Please sign-up in table above and e-mail Sue Roberts directly and cc Pat Mooney.)


I would love to have your graduate student come to judge the projects. I am down to only 6 projects so it shouldn't take very long that morning to judge. One of our 8th grade science teachers is going to judge as well. She has prep from 10:10-11:10 so we will try to get the judging done during that time. If you would like to have your student come about 9:30, I can talk to them about the judging form, answer any questions they may have, and allow them time to look over the projects. I would be happy to send a copy of the judging form as well as directions to our school if they need them. You may give them my contact information. Thank you again for volunteering your student. Hopefully we will have a larger turnout next year and I can use your help again.external image cleardot.gif

Sue Roberts
6th Grade Science Teacher
Discovery Middle School
Please notify our school if your contact information changes. Thank you!
Assignments and class news can be found on my webpage:

Heritage Intermediate School (Please sign-up in table above and e-mail Jen Raycroft directly and cc Pat Mooney.)

Good Morning! So I am working on getting things organized for our science fair, which is on Saturday, February 11th from approx. 9-12. I need some judges and was wondering if I could get any help from ND. Can I assume that you will help? Would it be okay if I asked some of your friends- maybe Ryne or Paul? You could car pool together. Do you think anyone else would be game? Also, what about NDERC people- should I go through Pat or just create something you could hand out/present at your next meeting?


Jennifer Raycroft
Assistant Principal
Heritage Intermediate School
56647 Northridge Drive
Middlebury, Indiana 46540

Marian High School (Please sign-up in table above and e-mail Ken Andrzejewski directly and cc Pat Mooney.)

Greetings everyone,
It is time again to invite science professionals to the Community Judging Session for the research projects of the Marian High School Research Class. This year, the judging session will be held on Thursday, February 16th. It will run from 1:45 until 5 pm (or however long you can stay) in room 101 at Marian. This year we have about 25 projects from the class, and there may also be a few freshman projects included as well. Please let me know if you are able to lend your expertise. Also, if you know of anyone else who may be interested, please forward the info to them and have them contact me.
Thank you for your help and consideration in sharing your gifts with tomorrow’s scientists. Your help is greatly appreciated, and truly helps the students improve their presentations for major competitions.
Ken Andrzejewski
Marian High School
1311 South Logan
Mishawaka, IN 46544
574 259-5257